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How It Works

Domain management simplified. Zen DNS makes domain management simple.

  • Create a wide range of record types, including A, CNAME, NS, TXT, AAAA, MX, SRV.
  • Manage mail servers, zone delegation.
  • Enjoy fast DNS propagation across Zenclouds DNS infrastructure, with Japan and Singapore service endpoints.


Zen DNS is a highly accessible and scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It is designed to give you an extremely reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications by translating human readable names like into the numeric IP addresses like that computers use to connect to each other.

Easy Access

With self-service sign-up, Zen DNS can start to answer your DNS queries within minutes. You can configure your DNS settings via our web control panel. You also would be able to add your new zones instantly and your domain will resolve to the world.

Fast Update

Zen DNS is designed to provide the level of dependability required by important applications. It will manage your TTL per records and instantly giving you a fast update to the entire World Wide Web. As a result, the service offers low query latency for your end users, as well as low update latency for your DNS record management needs.


Zen DNS passes on the benefits of Zenclouds’s scale to you. You pay only for managing domains through the service and the number of queries that the service answers for each of your domains, at a low cost and without minimum usage commitments or any up-front fees.