FREE SSL (Let’s Encrypt)


In conjunction with the upcoming 59th Merdeka Day, Zenpipe is excited to announce that an additional feature for SSL (Let's Encrypt) has been added into all our shared hosting packages for FREE. All you have to do is just to enable this new feature at your control panel; making it easy to install free certificates.

Let's Encrypt, a free, automated and open Certificate Authority, is a powerful platform to protect websites and people around the globe, particularly to those who were previously unable to participate in a secured and privacy-respecting Web due to financial, technological and educational barriers.

With Let’s Encrypt, your shared hosting will be more secure allowing sensitive informations to be transmitted safely through encrypted link without having worries on your information being vulnerable to eavesdropping. Enable your SSL from 31st August 2016 onwards and has peace of mind.




Refer to our knowledgebase for more technical steps on how to enable your Let’s Encrypt Certificate.

Please do not hesitate to email or call us at 1300-888-ZEN(936) for any inquiries.