Vps Z512 Promotion



Well!! we might just have something for you. For a limited time only, we are practically giving away our VPS for free with a very small price. With only RM5.00/month, you will get our Z512 package for 6 or 12 months at that crazy price for you to explore or do whatever you want as cost is no longer a...

Zenpipe 10th Anniversary


It seems like it was just yesterday. Time really flies. Believes it or not, zenpipe is already 10th years old. How fast our “baby” has grown up and we are really thankful to each and everyone of our past, present and future customers for giving us the support to nurture and grow zenpipe to what it is today. Thus, in...

Increase your site’s security to a whole new level with Comodo SSL


Security is one of the key elements that any service providers will focus on when doing business online. It is not just a concern issue for the providers only but also for paying customers who demands protection on their...

I Love Malaysia


58th Merdeka Day is just around the corner. We at zenpipe would like to wish all our loyal Malaysian customers a very Happy Merdeka Day and in conjunction the upcoming historical day, we are offering a RM58.00 voucher for free when you subscribe to any of our shared hosting packages. So grab it now! while...

VPS Hari Raya Offer!


Hari Raya Offer are now back! This time, Zenclouds is offering a 50% discounts on all Zen Server packages for 1 year subscription. This offer is opened to new as well as existing subscribers. For existing subscribers, you will need to change your payment cycle to yearly subscription to enjoy the discount.